• 2 Nov 2023
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Finding extended-stay accommodation in London can be a challenging experience, especially when factoring in unique requirements such as the availability of meeting rooms or kitchen facilities. Balancing your specific needs with affordability and location is an essential part of ensuring a productive and comfortable stay. Whether you are looking for corporate accommodation, workers accommodation or a base for an extended stay, we have pulled together a list of essential things to look out for before booking your next short-term accommodation. 


Location is one of the most important factors to consider when booking accommodation, especially in London. Staying near your place of work is generally the best option, however, it’s not always possible when balancing affordability and comfort. Luckily, London has an extremely efficient and expansive public transport network which connects most places across the city. Depending on your place of work and what you plan to do during your stay, it is essential that you choose accommodation within a short distance of public transport. Our West London Summer Accommodation is a few minutes’ walk from North Acton Station on the Central underground line which provides a direct connection to Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Bank, Liverpool Street and more. 


An extended stay in London generally calls for access to an array of facilities and services. To ensure a comfortable stay, it’s important that your accommodation offers Wi-Fi, toiletries, kitchen facilities and bedding. Depending on the nature of your stay, you may also need access to meeting rooms or quiet spaces which can be particularly challenging to find in the city. Woodward Buildings and Kemp Porter Buildings offer a variety of unique facilities included in every booking, such as shared kitchens, communal spaces, a dedicated workspace in every room and on-site laundry. Additionally, guests can access a range of bookable spaces including meeting rooms, conference rooms and breakout spaces. 

Safety and comfort 

Choosing accommodation that offers a concierge or reception and cleaning services can be an easy way to ensure the comfort and safety of your stay. Our Summer Accommodation boasts a 24-hour reception, allowing you to receive assistance during any hour of the day. Guests also benefit from weekly room cleaning and linen changeover which is included in every booking. We also offer an optional bed and breakfast and delicious catering services which can be added to enhance your stay. Along with comfort, your safety is among our top priorities and in addition to 24-hour security, our buildings are monitored by CCTV and are only accessible via swipe card. 


Affordability is often top of mind when booking accommodation, especially when it comes to short-term and extended stays. To save on budget, consider alternatives to hotels such as university halls and rental apartments. Looking outside of Zone 1 will also offer more affordable options which are still easily accessible by public transport. Our  West London Summer Accommodation is on the edge of Zone 2 and within 20 minutes of Central London via public transport. Not only this, but access to a range of unique services and facilities included in your booking will save you time and money when planning your visit to the city. 

Why our summer accommodation is the perfect choice for your next short-term stay in London 

With access to an array of unique facilities and services included in every booking, a great central location and safety at top of mind, our West London summer accommodation offers an affordable alternative to London hotels, without skimping on comfort and convenience. Whether you are looking for corporate accommodation, workers accommodation or are in need of a place to base yourself for an extended stay, our West London summer accommodation could be the perfect fit for your next visit. To find out more about our summer accommodation or to discuss your specific requirements, pleasecontact a member of the team. 

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