Sustainability is not just a distant goal for us, but something we consider in all areas of our current operations. As an academic venue, we adopt Imperial College London’s campus-wide sustainability strategy and environmental policy, driven by a bold vision to create a sustainable, zero-pollution future. By booking your event or accommodation with us, you will be supporting our sustainability practices.

Corporate social responsibility

All profits generated from our clients are invested back into the College to support education and research. The College’s research plays a pivotal role in delivering the scientific, technological and policy solutions necessary to turn our vision of a sustainable, zero-pollution future into a reality. Using our multi-disciplinary approach, we are revolutionising manufacturing practices, reshaping attitudes towards consumption and uncovering the profound impacts of pollution on human health. From pioneering new sustainable energy sources to tackling water scarcity and ocean plastics, we are dedicated to driving positive change across the globe.

Promoting dairy-free alternatives

We understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary preferences. That’s why, upon request, we provide non-dairy alternatives for catering orders at no additional charge. By offering this option, we are minimising the environmental impact associated with dairy products.

Eliminating single-use cups

We have taken a firm stance against single-use plastic cups by removing them from our drink stations. This simple action has already saved a staggering 850,000 cups per year from ending up in landfill or polluting the environment. Our ongoing efforts also include introducing a levy on disposable coffee cups. By implementing this measure, we aim to discourage their use and reduce the 715,000 used per year, and in turn promote the adoption of reusable alternatives.

Efficient oil filtering

Through innovative oil-filtering techniques, we have achieved a remarkable 57 per cent reduction in cooking oil waste. This approach not only minimises environmental impact but also leads to more efficient resource management. By optimising our processes, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable food industry.

Minimising waste

Our catering team is actively working to reduce waste, replacing plastic platter trays with reusable wooden boxes. We’ve also implemented strategies to ensure minimal use of single-use stirrers and sachets, and a 90 per cent reduction in disposable films. By making these simple yet impactful changes, we’re significantly reducing our ecological footprint and encouraging a more sustainable approach to catering.

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